In NZ, the Public Perceptions Survey — part of the Justice Ministry’s Crime and Victims review — shows trust and confidence is at 69 percent.

It was at 79 percent four years ago.

In the official media release Police Chief (Commissioner) Coster said: “We think this decline in public trust and confidence is the result of three main trends;

  • the tail end of the country’s covid response which has been controversial with some communities,
  • the drop in public confidence in government institutions in general and policing in particular, both overseas and here in New Zealand. We haven’t had the same breaches of public trust here – but many people are influenced by these stories from overseas
  • and changes in some highly visible crime trends here in New Zealand such as ram raids and inter-gang violence.”

Well, yes, Obergruppenführer, you can’t have members of your force behaving like they did, recorded on hundreds of cellphone cameras, displaying gratuitous violence, vandalism and theft towards protesters opposed to Comrade Jacinda’s draconian “covid response” without it having an impact. The politically motivated persecution of law-abiding gun owners, again on that female’s orders and some of which we’ve posted, doesn’t help either. Your sacking would help restore the ranking to what it was 4 years ago.