– pics from Google Maps of what the scene was until the end of 2013

In 2007 residents of Awanui Drive and adjoining streets in the cul-de-sacs of it learned about the plans of the Waikanae North company to place numerous houses, a retirement village (Rymans) and a school in the paddocks just to the north of Parata and David Streets.  They weren’t happy; not just about the intentions of the developers, but that they had not been consulted by the KCDC, something we soon realised was standard when it comes to the KCDC. They organised a meeting to protest: did it achieve anything?  Well, no.

In June last year we learned of the silly idea of the council’s traffic engineer to make the 200 or so residents of Awanui Drive and its adjoining streets give way at the new intersection resulting from David Street being extended into the development, despite the fact that traffic to and from it would be negligible, since the main entrance street for the development is Parata Street.

Geoffrey went along to the community board meeting that month to point out to them that it was silly; instead the Give Way should apply to those using the extension of David Street — see this post.  Did the community board take any notice?  Of course not.  Then chairman Eric Gregory replied to the effect that the council traffic engineer knew best and they would simply rubber stamp what he said.  Were we surprised when Eric Gregory was voted off the community board last month?  No.

The fact is that the scope of Waikanae North is relatively modest compared to what the Maypole company intends for the west side of the Expressway and the impact of that, particularly on the beach community, is going to be much greater.  Is the community going to be consulted about that?  We’ll see.