These are scheduled to be approved by a council meeting this Wednesday.  They are specific charges for specific user-generated needs and most would say (as do we) that this is fair enough, provided the fees are reasonable.  Those who don’t use these services shouldn’t be subsidizing those who do.

The full pdf is here

KCDC 2017-18-fees-and-charges-for-regulatory-services-and-appendix-1.jpg

KCDC 2017-18-fees-and-charges-for-regulatory-services-and-appendix-2.jpg

KCDC 2017-18-fees-and-charges-for-regulatory-services-and-appendix-3.jpg

KCDC 2017-18-fees-and-charges-for-regulatory-services-and-appendix-4

KCDC 2017-18-fees-and-charges-for-regulatory-services-and-appendix-5