The Waikanae Community Board has recommended to the council that Main Road Waikanae be chosen as the name for two segments of the old State Highway One, from Waikanae through to Peka Peka.

Bernie Randall of the Paraparaumu Raumati Community Board tells us: “We decided on Main Rd South because the residents clearly wanted that name retained. We approved Main Rd North but this might be a problem as a group of residents living there suggested a Maori name.”

So there you are.  Was that worth $100,000?  About $10,000 may be needed for new signage; but the rest?

Bernie also tells us: “We also supported Jackie Elliott’s proposal of a generic name for the whole stretch of the old State Highway.”

She initially proposed “Kapiti Coast Highway” and then changed that to “Kapiti Coast Byway.”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Byway as “a minor road”; the Merriam Webster Dictionary as “a road or track not following a main route; a minor road or path”.Byway_road_sign

That may be accurate, but does it grab anyone?