Moral dilemaIt’s probable that this consideration affects one or more Waikanae residents and their families every year, and it is the subject of a private member’s bill by Epsom MP David Seymour, presently at the committee stage.

Although the media describe it as a ‘euthanasia’ bill, it is strictly a physician assisted suicide bill — there is an important distinction.  It is similar to the Death with Dignity Act in Oregon.  Montana and Washington state also have such laws.

This is a controversial topic and even our family is divided on it.

This article on the Kapiti Independent News site is by a supporter of the bill.

The page on Parliament’s website with information and a submission form is here.

Last year Winston Peters said it should be the subject of a referendum and David Seymour was happy with that.  If held in conjunction with the next general election, it would not involve huge cost.