Kea 12 dead

by Carol Sawyer

DoC admitted in the Greymouth Star of 16 May 2019 that it’s “partner in crime” Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP) had killed two of thirteen radio-tagged Kea in the recent aerial 1080 drop in the Perth Valley, South Westland.

See last paragraph in the news clipping shown, which says “The Perth River poison operation has already suffered a major blow, with the discovery of two dead radio-tagged kea from suspected poisoning. DoC says that could equate to 12 dead kea in the overall operation.”

On 11 April 2019, ZIP said: “The Perth River valley is a mountainous area that contains a population of 75-100 kea”.

See :

So they are admitting they could have killed between 12 and and 17 (12 to 17 percent in other words) of the resident Kea with that aerial 1080 drop!