Garden-reading-We figure that’s how it will be for most of our readers — and for your editors, too.

As well as ‘non-essential’ (we’re not exactly sure of what is or isn’t) businesses, the lockdown also applies to the council: all meetings are cancelled for at least the next 4 weeks, including this week’s Council meeting.  Council staff have accelerated their working-from-home arrangements and for the most part packed up today. The next two days will see  finalisation of the arrangements.

However, some council services are in the essential category.

The mayor reassures people who have been caught by circumstances that there will be a very accommodating approach regarding amounts owed the council in recognition of the pressure that many households are going to be under.

While the short term future is obviously gloomy, particularly with winter and not summer ahead of us, there are a few upsides:

  • There will be a big curtailment of all infectious diseases, most importantly regular flu which, as we’ve observed, is much worse than Covid-19.
  • People will have plenty of time to relax and destress.
  • The economy should restructure to some extent with more self-sufficiency because we can’t assume that this year’s experience won’t be repeated in the future with some new virus.
  • Those concerned about atmospheric pollution, not least believers in ‘climate change from unnatural causes’ should be pleased about the huge drop in emissions.
  • The government will be forced to become more fiscally responsible.

We’ll provide more entertainment for readers such as reviews and light-hearted items to balance the general mood.