Team of Five Million

The Prime Minister has decreed

We are all in a team of five million. 

Membership is compulsory

All Aoteoroans have been enlisted

To make up the Five Million. 


Compulory Military service

Abandoned decades ago. 

Compulsory playing of Rugby 

For boys abandoned

In the Nineteen seventies. 

Come Covid 19

Comes the compulsion of a Government

Compulsed to control

Through the Five million team.


And money is the reward.

Paid to the genuine members

Of the Team of Five million

With payouts galore

 For the true “Five million”.


Will one be like a Spanish Jew

[All eliminated/ removed from Spain, in the end]

And ostensibly wear the badge

As they did of Christianity

Of the Five Millionism badge?


Only to be subject , 

At a date to be determined

For the inevitable  Inquisition

Weeding out the Five Millioners

Who fail the Prime Ministers test

Of true Five Millionism?

The path to perdition

Is strewn with good intentions,

Unheard of in fair Aoteoroa.


Who dares to be the first to say

“I decline to be forced to join

A politically contrived device. 

I refuse to go to the training, 

Refuse to learn the rules of this new game

Of mind control”.


The survival rate of conscientious objectors

Will doubtless be one hundredth of that

Of Covid 19 sufferers.

Be brave.