by Geoffrey Churchman

Although the easiest answer to the groan-inducing daily appearances by the Great Dear Leader on TV1 and TV3 News is simply not to watch them, it’s harder to avoid the constant “dit-a-dida-dit, this is a covid-19 announcement” bursts on a yellow and black edged graphic that now appear at Taxpayers expense in almost every ad-break in scheduled programs, not just on free-to-air but on Sky TV. But that is the least of the problems.

Yesterday afternoon I went to another Voices for Freedom meeting in Waikanae and heard about the distress that the Jacinda government, her disciples, her paid Legacy Media propagandists, and now beefed-up state forces are causing people. One woman who works in the medical profession was reduced to tears as she recounted the bullying that she has been subjected to because she dares question the science and the obsession that the Jacinda government has. Jacinda continues with an elimination strategy that many world leaders now accept is not only unnecessary and futile, but is causing far more social and economic damage than can possibly be justified by the replacement of regular influenza which the China virus has become.

Since the last meeting in July the government’s new mandate on wearing useless face-nappies has made things worse. One retired GP explained how all the bacteria that is accumulated and bred on them with moist breath and then taken into your respiratory system is harmful over any sustained period. But if you claim face-nappy exemption for health reasons, you can be up against (literally) overbearing bouncers at supermarkets plus Jacindanistas who make nasty, abusive comments. Another woman said that a cop, clearly ignorant of what the proclamation actually says, gave her son grief outside Pak’n’Save in Paraparaumu. But for those who want a pleasant experience in that regard, the New World in Paraparaumu is said to be good.

The VFF membership has jumped since the latest Lockdown began on 18 August and now runs into the tens of thousands. One clear need is for mutual support groups against the aggression that supporters of the Jacinda government, particularly Stuff Media, are causing for those who disagree with its approach. They aren’t just ordinary workers but also professionals who get victimised by the Legacy Media and state forces — these include doctors, lawyers and even police officers who don’t agree with what is going on.

There is also a big need to counter the Jacinda government’s suppression of facts that don’t suit its narrative and needless to say, the copious objective scientific research and analysis from overseas of the rushed and risky substances touted as vaccines by Big Pharma and the government officials they bribe is also another service available free. Like many libertarian groups they have had big problems with deplatforming by Facebook and Google’s YouTube, but there are several libertarian-friendly alternatives available. One piece of advice for those being threatened with ‘non jab, no job’ is don’t resign, let them fire you and then take the employer to court for wrongful dismissal.