This is part of a makeover of this area that the NZTA and KCDC boffins came up with and are working on. Apparently the original intention was to massacre all of them, but then three of them were given a reprieve.

Guy Burns tells us that the PRCB was briefed but not consulted on the plans. However, from the experience in Waikanae even if they had, the bureaucrats would have bulldozed their ideas through anyway.

And what about that pedestrian underpass that was expensively created at the time of of electrification of the railway to Waikanae? There was a successful battle to save that, but the boffins’ plans for a surface raised pedestrian crossing to slow down the traffic was added which is being installed as shown. Will there be traffic lights as well? They’ve become a feature of Paraparaumu so it won’t be any surprise.