from the Rotorua Post (NZ Herald)

Ivan Benseman’s Mitsubishi Outlander had to be written off after this fording of a stream on the Motu Rd in September.

Ivan and Varatchaya Benseman say they would like to see Ōpōtiki District Council upgrade a ford on Motu Rd after their vehicle was irreparably damaged while crossing recently.

The couple live on Whitikau Rd, past Toatoa, and say their recently purchased Mitsubishi Outlander electric hybrid was written off by their insurance company after the battery was flooded from trying to cross the Papamoa Stream ford in September.

They say they have given up on the idea of an electric or hybrid vehicle. They had only owned the Outlander for four months and Ivan said the battery of the vehicle had been destroyed from trying to ford the stream. He said he paid $37,000 for the vehicle and it would have cost $42,000 for it to be put back together, with no guarantee it would work.

Varatchaya said they had now bought an older Nissan petrol vehicle which cost more to run but she felt was better suited to fording streams.

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