June 2014

June 2014

You may think the KCDC doesn’t care about what you think of it, but each June it pays a research company to find out residents’ opinions about its performance on a variety of topics, and presumably that will happen again this month.

The two pictures above are from last year’s Resident Satisfaction Survey; the full document is downloadable here (pdf file).  We assume the n figure of 83 means the number of people who were asked in Waikanae (they didn’t ask us).

As can be surmised from the participations in the two by-elections this year, only 41% of people apparently care about the Council and only 33% about the Community Board  — and you can’t help wondering how many of those who did vote regarded it as a personal popularity poll.

Nevertheless, for those of us who do care about how much the Council takes from us each year and what the bureaucrats do with the money, it is interesting reading.

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