It’s clear from comments posted on Kapiti area Facebook pages that many are surprised about the size of this development, although we have repeatedly mentioned it on here, in last year’s election pamphlet and at the Waikanae candidates meeting at the beach last September.

One of the things which bother us are all the drawings on the company’s website showing 3-story condominium or apartment blocks — an extract from this document on the council website:


The biggest factor that concerns people is the potential increased traffic congestion around the Expressway interchange — if there are going to be 1700+ people living there plus the commercial operations that the company intends that could also generate traffic.

In October 2015 the council also told us:

“The Waimeha area provides for up to 250 households in a mix of stand alone housing, town houses and apartments as well as small scale commercial activities at two locations within the site. One of these commercial areas is adjacent to the Waimeha Stream.”