This is a Joel Maxwell photo from the last meeting of the previous council  in September last year.  It shows council boss Mr Dougherty, a ratepayer and a policeman (centre) who Dougherty had called to remove the ratepayer because he had wanted to film his statement to the council with a video camera (visible on a tripod).  The pic accompanied a Dominion Post story at the time.

Cr David Scott tells us that last Thursday on its anniversary there was a similar scene, this time involving himself.  He arrived at 9:18 am in time for the public speakers’ forum at 9:25 preceding the full council session which begins at 10:00.  Dougherty told doting Mayor Guru that Cr David Scott was not allowed to be there. Guru dutifully repeated the message.  “Yes I am,” replied Cr David Scott.

To which Dougherty made one of his standard calls to the police station and one of their officers duly showed up who, with David Scott, Dougherty and his legal henchman Tim Power, had a ‘discussion’ in the corridor.  It ended with David Scott informing this pair that he was allowed to attend the meeting and they were not going to stop him.  And he did, and they didn’t.

What is wrong with Dougherty?  We think this webpage provides the explanation.

He can’t leave town soon enough in our opinion.  Our sympathies, Nelsonians.