WCB 19112019 Gwynn Compton

A photo taken by Cr Gwynn Compton: With their backs to the camera are from left Jocelyn Prvanov, Margaret Stevenson Wright and Guru; James Westbury is in the center and to his left James Jefferson. On the right hand flank are Geoffrey and Jill Griggs.

This was held last night, attended by some 30 members of the public (plus pleasingly 4 Councilors in addition to Ward Councilor Jocelyn Prvanov, and Mayor Guru). Some of the attendees spoke to different matters of particular interest to them such as Gerard Rys and Quentin Poole of the Waikanae Beach Residents Society, two artists who want to paint decorative panels for placing on the old library in January, two members of the Kapiti Cycle Action Group, and those who were making grant applications.

James Jefferson, the Council’s Group Manager of Place and Space has been appointed as the management liaison to the board and board members intend to meet with him shortly to discuss a wide range of Waikanae issues.

James Westbury was elected by the members as the Chair, a logical choice with his experience on the Board, and his demonstrated ability to achieve things.  He wants Waikanae to get its fair share of Rates money, and is unabashed in saying he’s selfish about Waikanae’s needs and wants and over the remainder of the district.

The next WCB meeting is scheduled for 4 February, but plenty will be going on behind the scenes in the meantime.