This is one of the referenda that voters will decide in conjunction with September’s General Election.  Although the Mainstream Media will lazily call it a “euthanasia” referendum, it is not — it is about Assisted Suicide in very controlled situations.  There is an important distinction. —Eds


I hope all went well with you during the long days of lockdown.

Now there are fewer than 100 days till the Referendum (and the General Election)! Since for most of us in New Zealand, the COVID-19 crisis appears to be diminishing, this is when we have to ramp up to full gear.   We need to reach for the compassionate hearts of the majority of New Zealanders who support the EOLC Act.

The good news: there are an increasing number of independent groups around the country speaking out in support of Assisted Dying e.g. The Doctors’ Group, Yes for Compassion and a large number of New Zealand nurses. However, we still have to contact as many people as we can by the end of August- for this we need your help:

Are you a member of any organisation that encourages serious discussion such as U3A, Rotary, Book groups or any other similar organisation?  Please let them know that we are happy to send someone along to talk.

The public libraries are willing to put up carefully worded notices which explain the need to understand assisted dying. The National Committee has prepared a range of this material which we can provide, if you can make the initial enquiries. Please ask your local library if they would accept a notice and then let me know through my email address.

If you have any personal contacts in the media (Newspapers, TV, radio – whatever) please let us know so we can get our message across.

If you find that people you speak to are confused, tell them to visit – then vote YES to “I support the End of Life Choice Act 2019 coming into force” at the General Election.

Assisted dying is spreading across the world and people are welcoming the peace it can bring to terminally ill sufferers. Now we have the opportunity to make it our right, too.

Ngā mihi nui, kind regards

Mary Panko
President, End-of-Life Choice Society