Billy TKWe mentioned maestro guitarist Billy TK Jnr in a post a few days ago.  He is also the leader of the NZ Public Party and has generated additional respect from a whole different audience (there could be some overlap). He has also served in the NZ military and says he is proud of it — as everyone who has should be.

The party states on its website:

The New Zealand Public Party was formed by Billy Te Kahika in response to the blatant injustice and tyranny being hurled upon the New Zealand people by the Labour/NZ First/Green government.

Reclaim New Zealand for ALL the People – is the main goal and message.

However, this message is also more significant than any one political party alone.

To that end, we have established an Advisory Board to include all political interests.

Billy has engaged in talks with all the minor parties to get to learn more about them and their policies in hopes that we will come together under one banner and one voice.

The fragmenting of the vote across many smaller parties does not help New Zealand.

Unity in change is a good thing.
It is time.

Says Pam Vernon of Envirowatch-Rangitikei: “The only party calling out the new world order agenda, Agenda 21/30 … and by its name. Other parties have skirted around the democracy issue, loss of freedoms etcetera, however, Billy has called it the name most avoid because they will be accused of conspiracy.”

Here is a 1-hr interview with broadcaster and commentator Vinny Eastwood who, as some readers will be aware, is no friend of the establishment (and it no friend of his).

Former Horowhenua Mayor Michael Freyen is also in support of the NZPP: