As you will have seen in recent weeks, the whole team at the Taxpayers’ Union has been flat out running three campaigns getting cut through. I’m emailing to ask for your support this last week of the campaign so that we can reach more New Zealanders as they decide their vote.

The Tax Relief Now! campaign has been exposing how politicians continue to waste our money – arguing that if Jacinda Ardern can waste millions on silly arts grants, surely there is room to let Kiwis keep more of their own money.

Your support means we can get the Taxpayer Scorecard to more people.

You can’t ignore him forever, Jacinda.

Our Debt Monster has been a constant presence on the campaign trail. Tomorrow we’ll be launching the official “Government Debt Clock” – and an online advertising campaign raising awareness that unless the purse strings are tightened, every Kiwi household will owe $112,000 in government debt by 2024. Will you chip-in so we can get the message out?

The Greens’ asset tax

If your house is worth more than a million dollars, chances are you have received one of our personally addressed letters from the Campaign for Affordable Home Ownership.  While the Greens say that their wealth tax will only hit 6% of New Zealanders, the fact is that any individual Kiwi with a house over a million dollars who pays off their mortgage and joins Kiwi Saver will eventually be hit by the tax. You can read more about the campaign here.

Thank you for your support

DavidDavid_sig.jpgDavid Farrar
New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Ps. Unlike the political parties, we don’t get taxpayer money for TV advertising and promotion. We’re reliant on the goodwill of Kiwis who back our mission of lower taxes, less waste, and more transparent government. Click here to make a confidential donation.