We’ve been asked:

“How do we ensure that the incoming council is not hijacked by adopting the existing standing orders?

“I’d like to see a full review of the standing orders.

“Also it’s a nonsense that the outgoing council appointed a new chief executive.

“Surely the chief executive’s tenure should lapse upon the dissolution of the old council and the incoming council should be free to appoint a chief executive of their own choosing on similar terms.”

Each new council adopts its own Standing Orders, as does each Community Board. although after the 2019 elections this didn’t happen with the WCB for over a year. We agree with the view expressed about one council not bequeathing the next a new CEO and are told the better councilors wanted this.

Under the Local Government Act, a CEO may not be appointed for a term of more than 5 years, but it does not specify a minimum term. When the 5 years is up the CEO contract may be extended 2 years. You can blame the council elected in 2016 for appointing Maxwell for 5 years at the end of 2017. The present council this year told Maxwell to Stuff off, and paid him out to January next, even though he had gone by mid April, effectively getting over $200,000 for doing nothing.