It is about the development of life on Earth and how human populations over time have gone through periods of flourishing and decline. Andy is a deep thinker, and thorough researcher who has spoken to the group twice before. He is always interesting and challenging.

  • next Tuesday, 8 August 
  • starting at 7.30 pm
  • at the Kapiti Uniting Church in Weka Road, Raumati Beach.
  • Everyone is welcome with a gold coin koha.

Andy’s book is called The Alien Cell Hypothesis and here is a review:

Andy sums up what he will talk about: “Using a technique known as ‘Big History’, in this book I have tried to offer a fresh perspective on the enigma of human existence. I explore the notion of purpose (telos) and dive into the profound question of what it truly means to be human, along with the potential of our ultimate destiny. I take the reader on a journey to unearth profound truths about ourselves, our relationship with the divine, and our significance in the world.

For too long, the West has been plagued by divisive identity politics and the erosion of individual freedom. Our politicians have failed us, replacing a humane economy with top-down control and authoritarianism. Amidst broken promises and anti-human rhetoric, the crisis runs deeper than any one political party’s failures.I think that the root cause lies in the absence of a guiding philosophy and a true understanding of our collective consciousness – the Spiritus Mundi. Without this understanding, progress towards our genuine destiny becomes elusive.”

American Josh Parris talked about the predator-free campaign on Wellington’s Miramar Peninsula that he has been involved in over the last four years. His group focused on getting rid of rats based around the use of cameras and traps at scores of sites from Point Halswell to Moa Point.  An increase in the number of native birds in that time is a positive indication that their work is paying off.An audience of over 30 enjoyed the well-illustrated session. 

  • Tuesday 12 September –  Jock Phillips on Monuments and History
  • Tuesday 10 October – Priscilla Williams on the 200th anniversary of Henry and Marianne Williams coming to NZ 
  • Tuesday 14 November – Chris Maclean on the history of Whitcombe and Tombs (to be confirmed)
  • Tuesday 12 December – Allen Carr on the New Zealand whaling industry (to be confirmed.)

If anyone has suggestions for speakers next year, let one of us know. We will get Priscilla Williams to take a session on the Bolton St Cemetery in 2024, if she is willing!