Chipkins: Tedros? It’s me Chippy of Aotearoa.

Tedros: Who? And where?

Chipkins: I’m the Prime Minister of Aotearoa.

Tedros: Never heard of it.

Chipkins: It’s the Leftist name for New Zealand.

Tedros: Nobody told me that. And I thought it was that Jacinda woman who was Leader there. Just a moment, I’m with Klaus Schwab here by the Lake… Ah, he says he knows you. What can I do you for?

Chippy: My party is headed for defeat in elections next month. I need a miracle to stay in power.

Tedros: A miracle? I’m not the Pope. What can I do to stop that?

Chippy: I need you to declare another scamdemic, oops I mean pandemic so I can distract everybody.

Tedros: Look, we can’t try that one again. Klaus, Bill Gates and I are working on a new one.

Chippy: I need one now!

Tedros: It doesn’t work like that. We plan it all carefully, we can’t just declare one like that. I had Joe of America ask me that same thing last week. I told him to keep on with the indictments of Trump.

Chippy: How can I be part of your New World Order if I am not in power?

Tedros: Well just think of something else to distract people. I must get on with my planning with Klaus.

Chippy: [wails and sobs]