Deepak Vohra, India’s former ambassador to Sudan said the Canadian PM’s plane was full of cocaine, he was ‘crazy’ and behaved like a ‘small kid’

Vohra made the blockbuster claims to Indian media today. The allegations relate to Trudeau’s recent trip to India for the G20 Summit.

‘When Justin Trudeau came to India for the G20 earlier this month, his plane was full of cocaine. He did not come out of his room for two days,’ said Vohra, claiming police sniffer dogs had located a large stash on Trudeau’s plane.

Vohra blamed Trudeau’s no-show at the G20 dinner was due to the fact the Canadian PM was high on drugs.

‘My wife saw him at the Delhi airport and said that Trudeau looked depressed and stressed. We don’t know the reason. I don’t know the reality, but social media and some ‘credible rumors’ suggest that his plane was full of cocaine. He also missed the President’s dinner as some people say that he was not in his senses due to the drug consumption.

‘He has definitely gone insane. He has become lonely. He is now trying to show that he is a Canadian Rambo and nothing can go wrong in his presence.’

A diplomatic row between the two countries erupted last week when Ottawa accused Indian agents of involvement in the assassination of Khalistani separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Canadian national. Nijjar was considered a terrorist by the Indian government.

India responded by calling Trudeau’s accusations ‘absurd‘.


Added to his applauding a Nazi war-criminal, how much longer will it be before he is forced to resign like Comrade Jacinda and Dan Andrews? —Eds